Delifrance Catalogue

42 Code Product name Technology Unit Weight Units per Box Vegetarian Vegan Source of Fibre Positioning Sandwich Shop Coffee Shop Restaurant Pub Business and Industry Hospitality Hotel Schools University Healthcare VIENNOISERIE: CROISSANTS continued... 86642 Premium Butter Croissant RTB 70g 60 V BEST 22867 Crois’Sandwich RTB 100g 45 V BEST 84373 Multi-seed Croissant RTB 80g 55 V BEST 32253 Spelt and Quinoa Vegan Croissant RTB 80g 56 V V BEST 39974 Blueberry Vegan Croissant 100g 48 V V BEST VIENNOISERIE: PAINS AU CHOCOLAT 70068 Pain au Chocolat Pâtissier RTB 60g 80 V GOOD 94785 Butter Pain au Chocolat RTB 80g 60 V BETTER 72551 Butter Pain au Chocolat - Individually wrapped FB 50g 40 V BETTER VIENNOISERIE: SWEET PASTRIES 70010 Pain aux Raisins Pâtissier RTB 96g 60 V GOOD 39972 Triple Pain Au Chocolat RTB 100g 60 V BEST 37603 Cinnamon Swirl RTB 90g 60 V GOOD 42308 Chocolate and Orange Swirl RTB 95g 60 BETTER 50469 Chocolate Brownie Swirl RTB 90g 60 V BETTER 34170 Maple and Pecan Plait - Pre-glazed RTB 95g 48 V BETTER 71042 Maple and Pecan Plait - Individually wrapped FB 75g 48 V BETTER 10614 Chocolate Twist RTB 100g 60 V BETTER 32288 White Chocolate and Raspberry Pastry RTB 100g 60 V BEST 40731 Butter Brioche Loaf RTB 400g 6 V BEST VIENNOISERIE: MINI PASTRIES 04943 Mini Danish Assortment RTB 35g 120 V GOOD 87201 Mini Butter Croissant RTB 25g 120 V BETTER 87191 Mini Butter Pain au Chocolat RTB 25g 120 V BETTER 85850 Mini Butter Pain aux Raisins RTB 30g 120 V BETTER 55394 Mini Chocolate Twist RTB 50g 100 V BETTER 62953 Indulgent Mini Viennoiserie Selection RTB 35g 120 V BEST PÂTISSERIE: 62287 Continental Chocolate Éclair TS 80g 40 V GOOD 74195 Black Forest Layered Cake TS 800g 4 BETTER 51247 Luxury Triple Chocolate Layered Dessert TS 750g 4 BEST Gram g PB Part Baked RTB Ready to Bake RTP Ready to Prove FB Fully Baked TS Thaw and Serve V Vegetarian V Vegan GOOD: Classic products - good quality entry level BETTER: Products with added value BEST: Top tier products For more information please call 0116 257 1871 or visit SECTORS