Delifrance Catalogue

Range Guide Monterey Jack Cheese and Paprika Twist 74105 Béchamel sauce, Monterey Jack cheese and smoked paprika 115g 60 Units/Box RTB V 20’ 175°C Savoury Tartlet Case 33449 Ideal for busy caterers simply fill with your desired filling to create quiches and delicious savoury tarts 45g 48 Units/Box RTB V 10’ 175°C 24 Ham and Cheese Basket 04082 A delicious combination of ham, Emmental cheese and béchamel sauce in a high quality pastry 110g 40 Units/Box RTB 25-30’ 180-185°C RGRGR Our handy guide provides sector suggestions and good, better, best information to help find the right product range for your business Mini Savoury Tartlet Selection 81719 Includes; garlic mushroom ham and cheese; Goat’s cheese and tomato; salmon and dill; cauliflower and broccoli in an ovenproof tray 18g 75 Units/Box RTB 13-14’ 175°C